For Jeff, everything is going according to plan. He's got the right courses, he's got the right friends, and he's got the right girlfriend. But his carefully planned life is turned upside down after a night of drinking and he wakes up to discover that he has no recollection of what happened the night before... And neither does the mystery woman he finds in his dormroom.

Crew List

Director/Writer/Producer - Britany Sparrow
Production Manager - Colin A. Smart
Production Coordinator - Rachel Noel
First Assistant Director - Jennifer Chiasson
Director of Photography - Jesse Anthony
First Assistant Camera - Rob Gemmell
Second Assistant Camera - Joel M. Thompson
Gaffer - Gary William Beatty
Grip - Dale Brown, Eric Hopper
Sound Mixer/Recorder - Allen Galloway
Boom Operator - Terry Oakes
Script Supervisor - Corena Walby
Script Supervisor Trainee - Bronwen
Casting Director - Chris Fulton
Art Director - Keith Ruttan
Graphic Design - Joe Blades
Poster Photography - Scott Saad
Poster Models - Jennifer Chiasson, Jodie Dickinson, Kayleigh Smith
Costumes - Kayleigh Smith
Hair and Makeup - Jodie Dickenson
Props - Donovan Richard
Props - Dennis Poirier
Special Effects Makeup - Kayleigh Smith
Stunt Coordinator - Paul Angers
Craft Services - Paul Angers, Rachel Noel, Colin A. Smart, Kayleigh Smith
Stills Photography - Chafic Haddad, Allen Galloway
Behind the Scenes Documentary - Ron Stevens
Public Relations - Jim LaVoie
Picture Editor - Rob Gemmell, Britany Sparrow
Sound Editor - Rob Gemmell, Allen Galloway
Score/Music - Joel M. Thompson

Cast List

Jeff - Maddox Campbell
Amanda - Bunthivy Nou
Karl - James Corbett
Paige - Sylvie LeBlanc
Lecherous Guy - Joel M. Thompson

Made with the support of New Brunswick Film's Short Film Venture Grant and the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative