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New Brunswick Heart and Stroke Foundation Videos

The Heart Truth Campaign 2013

Directed by Britany Sparrow and Bunthivy Nou
Camera by Bunthivy Nou
Lighting by Kaleigh Stultz
Interviewed by Darcy LeBlanc
Edited by Nathalie Rayne
Sound Edit by Rob Gemmell
Equipment provided by the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative

Dr. Ansar Hassan

Leanne and Cortney

The Heart Truth Campaign 2012

Directed by Britany Sparrow and Bunthivy Nou
Camera by Bunthivy Nou
Lighting by Allen Galloway
Interviewed by Angie Thibodeau and Darcy LeBlanc
Edited by Jennifer Marie Chiasson and Nathalie Rayne

Leanna Hanson

Sandra MacLean

Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition films

Kegel der Schande (2014)

Synopsis: A young man checks himself into a Fascist work camp to broaden his mind, only to immediately regret it and try to escape.

Cast and Crew:
Jon Brenan
Brennan de Carufel
Mitchell Nash
Kayla-Renée Ossachuck
Britany Sparrow
Kaleigh Stultz

The Trouble With Rehab (2012)
Synopsis: In this mockumentary, Virginia Plath takes us on a tour of the Neville-Jones Women's Rehabilitation Institute of Sisterhood and along the way we see each of the steps of their seven step rehab program.

Cast and Crew:
Sarah Campbell
Victoria Clowater
Jenn Ferris
Irenia Roussel
Britany Sparrow
Kaleigh Stultz

Winner of Best Use of Inspiration Package
Nominated for Best Actress (Jenn Ferris)

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Bad Things Come in Threes (2009)

Synopsis: Emma, Kate, and Julie are three very different girls with the same problem: they can't catch a break when it comes to meeting guys. As the night progresses and the truth comes out, these three girls are revealed to be more alike than they know.

Crew List

Story - Allen Galloway,Rob Gemmell, Lyle Smith, Britany Sparrow
Script - Britany Sparrow
Director - Britany Sparrow
Director of Photography - Allen Galloway
Lighting/Sound - Rob Gemmell and Lyle Smith
Art Direction - Heather Lyons
Editor - Allen Galloway, Rob Gemmell, Britany Sparrow

Cast List

Emma - Laura Biggar
Kate - Annick Noel
Julie - Emily Brennan
Derek - Maddox Campbell

Nominated for Best Actress (Emily Brennan)


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