In the world of fantasy role-playing, David is everything Cora's looking for in a man. He's brave, handsome, and romantic. But in real life, can David live up to Cora's expectations or will her fantasy let her down?

Crew List

Writer/Director/Producer: Britany Sparrow
Director of Photography: Phil Angers
Camera Assistant: Allen Galloway
Gaffer: Tim O'Neill
Grips: Denis Cormier, Justin Gaudet, Rob Gemmell, Jeff Picka, Dennis Poirier, Danny Thebeau
Sound Recordist: Terry Oakes
Boom Operator: Robert Vinet
First Assistant Director: Corena Walby
Production Design: Donovan Richard
Costume Design: Donovan Richard and Kayleigh Smith
Fantasy costumes provided by: Danny Savoie
Make-up: Rachel Noel
Art Department Assistant: Carol Ann Hanley
Driver: Rob Gemmell
Production Assistants: Dru Bryan, Kevin Dick, Scott Goleniec, John David Thornton
Craft Services: Paul Angers
Locations: Jason Nicholson, Britany Sparrow, Corena Walby
Stills Photography: Justin Gaudet, Jeff Picka
Picture Edit: Jennifer Chiasson
Colour Correction and Additional Editing: Rob Gemmell
Sound Edit: Rob Gemmell
Music Composition: Jordan Roherty
Animation: Edward Hayden

Cast List

Cora: Becky Forbes
David: Kyle Smith
Alex: John David Thornton
Mike: Kyle "Max Tango" Hurley
Jon: Dru Bryan
Swamp Witch: Kayleigh Smith
Orc: Scott Goleniec
Ashley: Madeleine Whalen
Allen: Mike Mallaley
Andrew: Dennis Poirier
Restaurant Patrons: Phillip Greenlaw "The Outlaw", Shirley Mclaughlin, Joseph Kofsky, Patrick Lee, Diane Terry, Lea Walby
Laundromat Patrons: Gregor Boyle, Andrew Gaunce, John McNutt, Colin A. Smart

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Blooper Reel

Introducing the film at the 2011 Silver Wave Film Festival