Hannah and her husband Seth have been married for over 20 years. They live a simple life but Hannah has always been content with the way things have turned out. However, the re-emergence of Sarah, an old colleague who has found love, wealth, and success in the big city forces Hannah to re-evaluate her life choices, her marriage, and her definition of happiness.

Crew List

Writer/Director/Producer – Britany Sparrow
Story Editor – R. W. Gray
Production Manager – Victoria Clowater
Assistant Directors – Victoria Clowater, Jennifer Ferris
Script Supervisor – Corena Walby
Director of Photography – Allen Galloway
Assistant Camera – Sarah Campbell
Gaffers – Denis Cormier, Tim O'Neill
Grips – Nishant Dhotekar, Patrick Fitzgerald
Stills Photographers – Jeff Picka, Kaleigh Stultz
Location Sound – Rob Gemmell
Production Design – Donovan Richard, Keith Ruttan
Makeup – Rusianne Fraser
Hair – Cindy Morgan
Craft Services – Cat LeBlanc
Production Assistants – Melissa Brennan, Nicki Smith
Picture Edit – André Goguen
Audio Edit - Yves Clement
Audio Mix - Paul Goguen
Online Edit - Emmanuel Albert
Music – Danse Morialta, Heartbreaking, and Sovereign, all by Kevin MacLeod (

Cast List

Hannah – Elizabeth Goodyear
Seth – Andrew Long
Sarah – Leah Warren
Jake – Pierre Huard
Girlfriend – Madeleine Whalen
Boyfriend – Chris Gairns

Made with the support of the Linda Joy Media Arts Society, the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative, PS Atlantic, Kodac, and the Postman Post-Production Studio.

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Silver Wave Film Festival: Best Actor (Drama) Award: Andrew Long

Silver Wave Film Festival: Best Screenplay (Drama) Award: Britany Sparrow

Interview: Britany Sparrow, Silver Wave Film Festival 2013